7 essential Factors to Consider Before Taking an Education Loan in Nepal
07 Jul, 2023

7 Essential Factors to Consider Before Taking an Education Loan in Nepal

There are several essential factors that should be considered before taking an education loan in Nepal. These factors will help to make an informed decision and also ensure that you are well-prepared to manage the loan responsibly. So let's understand some of the key considerations:1. Cost of education: Evaluate the total cost of your education, like tuition fees, accommodation, books, supplies, and any other related expenses. Having a clear understanding of the overall expenses will help you determine how much loan you need to borrow.2. Interest rates: You must compare interest rates offered by different banks. Lower interest rates can significantly

reduce the overall cost of borrowing. Additionally, consider whether the interest rate is fixed or variable, as it will affect your monthly repayments.3. Eligibility criteria: Go through the eligibility criteria set by the banks in Nepal. Understand the requirements regarding age, collateral, co-borrower/guarantor, and other specific conditions. This will help you determine if you meet the lending bank criteria.4. Collateral or security: All education loans in Nepal require collateral as well as a guarantor. Understand the implications of providing collateral, such as property or other assets, and evaluate the associated risks like- at least 8 feet wide road with motorable access, far away from the high tension line, etc. 5. Loan fees and charges: Be aware of any processing fees, administrative charges, prepayment penalties, or other hidden costs associated with the education loan in Nepal. 6. Loan flexibility and Disbursement Process: Always assess whether the loan offers any flexibility, such as a moratorium period, deferment options, or loan restructuring in case of financial difficulties. Also, understand the disbursement process well and ensure the funds will be available when you need them.7. Repayment terms and conditions: Review the repayment terms, including the loan tenure, any grace period provided, and EMI. Understand the repayment options available to you and assess whether they align with your financial capabilities or not.It is crucial to carefully assess the above factors, conduct adequate research and talk about any confusion before taking an education loan. Saral Banking Sewa will provide you with adequate resources and support to make informed financial decisions. Also, you can easily compare multiple loan options, seek expert advice if needed from us, and make an informed decision that suits your financial situation and long-term goals.For any further quires contact us:WhatsApp: 9851361107Office No. : 01-5269107 Please provide us with your feedback in the comment section below.Connect with us for Banking updates onFacebookInstagram