Dealing with financial matter stresses and overwhelms one in five Nepalese. We all make a significant number of financial decisions every day. Greater financial wellbeing results from making informed decisions and this is where Saral Banking Sewa intends to simplify and make your financial journey smooth without any ambiguity.

Saral Banking Sewa is an independent online marketplace that assists you in selecting the best financial products such as loans, credit cards, fixed deposits, savings accounts and many more-over a safe, simple, and user-friendly platform. Our platform enables you to compare numerous financial solutions with ease and provides you with unbiased recommendations. 

Our goal is to make a Financial Literate Nepal as financial literacy provides with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively manage money. Without it, financial decisions and actions lack a solid foundation for success and the consequences can be terrible. 

Saral Banking Sewa started with an objective to assist consumers in finding the correct financial products. People of all ages, income levels, and backgrounds can take full control of their financial future with the help of our easy tools, advice, and calculators. 

Saral Banking Sewa aims to collaborate with a number of Nepalese banking institutions, including commercial banks and development banks, to provide a never-before-seen spectrum of financial Products and services. We intend to make complicated decisions simple for you through technological and data advancements. Saral Banking Sewa family believe in an open and welcoming environment that supports free-flowing ideas, teamwork, and relentless execution.